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Vol. 11, No. 2 (2019) Trang: 81-88
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Received 22Mar 2019
Revised 19 Jun 2019

Accepted 30 Jul 2019


Pangasius krempfi is an important catfish species for capture fisheries in the Mekong River basin.  Overexploitation could lead to decreasing genetic diversity of this species. This study was aimed to quantify genetic diversity and structure of P. krempfi in the lower Mekong River using ISSR (Inter-simple sequence repeat) markers. Samples were collected from two estuaries of Tien (at Binh Dai, Ben Tre, BT) and Hau Rivers (at Cu Lao Dung, Soc Trang, ST). Twenty individuals per location (or group) were analyzed with six ISSR primers, generated a total of 32 bands with the size ranging from 500 – 2200 bp. The two fish groups had similarly moderate levels of genetic diversity. As the whole population, genetic parameters were (mean ± SE) 56.3 ± 3.1% of polymorphic loci, 1.365 ± 0.048 effective number of alleles, 0.215 ± 0.027 expected heterozygosity, and 0.310 ± 0.037 Shannon index. Genetic distance based on Nei’s method between the two groups was 3.4%, accounting for 12% of total genetic variation. Principal coordinate and molecular genetic variance (AMOVA) analyses indicated that the two fish groups were genetically clustered at a low level, suggesting that they can be originated from different spawning groups of the same population.


Genetic diversity, ISSR, Pangasius krempfi, population structure

Cited as: Yen, D.T. and Vinh, N.T., 2019. Genetic diversity of Pangasius krempfi in the Mekong River estuaries. Can Tho University Journal of Science. 11(2): 81-88.

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Tạp chí: The international conference on aquaculture and environment: A focus in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

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