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Bài báo - Tạp chí
Vol. 12, No 1 (2020) Trang: 16-29
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Received 15 Aug 2019
Revised 02 Dec 2019

Accepted 31 Mar 2020


The paper, based on the database of 13 provinces (including Can Tho city) in the Mekong Delta in the period of 2010 - 2016, is aimed at analyzing the relationship between per capita GRDP growth and the ratio of local investment capital, foreign direct investment and local government expenditure to GRDP, population and human capital (proxied by Labor Training Index - a component of Vietnam Provincial[1] Competitiveness Index), infrastructure and spatial structure. Multivariate regression results showed little evidence for positive impact of implemented FDI to GRDP per capita, negative impacts of government spending on education, training, vocation, science and technology to GRDP per capita, in the short-term. Labor quality, infrastructure and spatial concentration are shown to have positive impacts to economic growth. Policy recommendations to the region GRDP growth were then proposed


Economic growth, GRDP per capita, Mekong Delta

Cited as: Son, L.M. and Anh, B.K., 2020. Determinants of economic growth in the Mekong Delta provinces. Can Tho University Journal of Science. 12(1): 16-29.

[1] In this paper, "local" and "provincial" are used interchangeably



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